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CRC Rally Championship – 2022 Season 1


Sign up for the CRC Rally Championship 2022 – Season 1 is now open!

  1. Please SIGN IN to your Driver Profile, and then proceed to click the JOIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP button below. If you do not have a driver profile, please REGISTER A DRIVER PROFILE first.

2. Once you have registered, request to join the club on the Codemasters Racenet website:

3. Drivers registered on the website prior to the release of our membership program, please also go to Edit My Driver Profile and complete a selection for your CSM membership.

Joining our Discord Server is optional but recommended for the Rally Championship.

Championship Standings

After Round 9



No event found!

CRC Rally Championship – Round 9 – Argentina

CRC Rally Championship – Round 9 – Argentina

CRC Rally Championship – Round 9 – Argentina R5 Podium 🥇 Mark-Anthony Hinkson 🇧🇧🥈 Kurt Thompson 🇧🇧🥉 Thomas Hall 🇯🇲 F2 Podium 🥇 Kimani McGann…


Championship Points

Championship points will be awarded as follows to each group finisher. Participants must complete the rally to be awarded points (DNFs will not be awarded points). A class must have at least 5 drivers start an event for full points to be awarded.

  • If a class has 4 drivers start an event, 1st place will receive 2nd place points, 2nd place will receive 3rd place points etc.
  • If a class has 3 drivers start an event, 1st place will receive 3rd place points, 2nd place will receive 4th place points etc.
  • If a class has 2 drivers start an event, 1st place will receive 4th place points, 2nd place will receive 5th place points
  • If a single driver starts and finishes an event in a class, they will receive 5th place points

The final stage of a rally will be a Power Stage, the driver with the fastest time in each class will be awarded an additional 1 championship point.

Competition Settings

  1. Assists not allowed
  2. Tuning allowed
  3. Hardcore damage is on
  4. Unexpected moments are on
  5. Surface degradation will be set to be as realistic as possible with stages degrading the more they are used.

Speed Event Format

Speed events will be clearly indicated in the title of an event.

  • Four runs, only your fastest run counts
  • Service after every run
  • In the event of a retirement/terminal crash you will be out of the event, and cannot complete any additional runs.
  • Speed events are typically (but not always) run in all dry conditions, and conditions will be consistent for all 4 runs.

Multiclass Rules

  1. Competitors are only eligible to complete in the class they have registered for.
  2. If you start and complete more than TWO (2) stages in the wrong class, you will be Disqualified from the event.  The onus is on you to ensure you are driving in the class and car you have subscribed for.
  3. You must drive with the registered class for the full championship. Requests to admins can be made to switch cars within the same class, but if class is changed it will result in the forfeiture of all championship points in the previous class.
  4. Car change within the same class can be requested to an admin a maximum of 2 times for the championship

Procedure for Involuntary Event Retirements and Mishaps

If for whatever reason you are kicked from the server, and you are able to continue the event, you will be given the average time plus 30 seconds for that kicked stage once a screenshot of the disconnect error message is provided. This is being put in place to ensure that where the serve gives a person a chance to continue, they can continue for overall honors but at no disadvantage to other competitors.

It is also recommended to take screenshots of timing after every stage. If a stage time was not logged due to network error, a provided screenshot would allow that time to be counted in the results.

Please note that timing is done by the Codemasters Club system, and CRC is not responsible for servers or timing. The timing logged to the Dirt Rally 2.0 and the Codemasters site cannot be disputed to CRC.

Additional Info

  • Events will be setup to run from Thursday 1:00 PM AST to Sunday 11:59 PM AST
  • Stewards can be contacted at or on the Discord @stewards