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Bushy Park Circuit – Track for Assetto Corsa (PC) by Red Gear

Finally, after nearly three years on and off and thousands of hours building a virtual representation of Bushy Park race track in Barbados, it is finished to the point that it can be made available to the public for download. The track is now available for download for FREE! Merry Christmas and thank you for being patient with us. Click the download link below

DOWNLOAD BUSHY PARK CIRCUIT (this will open a new tab, then click the Download button in the top left corner)

Install Tips

  1. Extract the downloaded .rar folder (7zip recommended as the program to extract with)

2. Place the extracted folder bushy_park_circuit into the Tracks folder of your Assetto Corsa game folder

That’s it, you’re done. Load up Assetto Corsa (or Content Manager) and you should see the track available in-game.

Alternative: You should be able to drag the .rar file into your Content Manager window, and Content Manager will install it for you. (Easier, but I find to be slower)